Are you looking for some Japanese – themed entertainment for your corporate events or private events?

We suggest authentic Japanese entertainment such as Nichibu or Shin-buyo performances if you would like some Geisha-style fan dance elements. Add a Taiko drummer for more energetic and upbeat vibes. If you are looking for interactive entertainment, a Shamisen and Enka and folksong singer duo will be sure to make a room full of laughter. Traditional with a modern twist, you’ll want to see a Shamisen player and a Japanese DJ. This duo will break the boundary of Japanese traditional music. 

Taiko drummer

Taiko drum and Flute

The drum and Flute are the oldest instruments in any country. The duo can create energetic and upbeat vibes by playing their original pieces that are based on traditional music. Perfect for launch events, and celebrations.

shamisen player


The shamisen is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian. Our performer will showcase the powerful sound of Tsugaru-shamisen –  the most recognized genre of shamisen music.

Shamisen player and Japanese traditional song singer

Japanese Folk Song

Japanese folk songs (min’yō) can be grouped and classified in many ways but it is often convenient to think of them as community songs. Our singer will be introducing some of Fisherman’s work songs and Festival (Matsuri and Obon) songs.

Japanese Blues – Enka

Enka is a style of music that was born in Japan in the late 19th century as a way to express grief. It’s often called “country music” because it’s associated with farmers and rural life, but it’s actually closely tied to traditional Japanese folk music.

Japanese fan dance

Japanese Dance

Nichibu is a performing art that mixes dance and pantomime, which developed in the early Edo period (early 17th century). Known as the style of dance performed by Geisha.  Our Japanese dancers are trained by Nichibu sensei and combined with other dance skills and styles, they bring unique entertainment

Japanese fan dance

Shin Buyo 

Shin-buyo is a genre of Japanese dance created by the new dance movement in the Taisho era. The new dance movement establishes the dancer’s stance of ” choreographing and acting.” Our dancer will be dancing to Enka music. The song is about longing for someone you can’t have, so our dancer will be looking toward the audience with an expression of sadness. She will perform this role with passion and grace, conveying both sadness and hope.