Cambodia: beauty and darkness

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It amazes me that Cambodia has so much to tell through beauty and darkness…

Why people fall in love with Cambodia? One of the reasons is of course many of the outstanding monuments that take your breath away like Angkor Wat and Bayon. Khmer people have great stone curving skills, but you can’t separate the dark history that affected the country until recent years.

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Cambodia had been in the war zone for centuries and people were trying to survive every minute of their lives in the heavily land mined areas. All the historical temples were left in the Jungle untouched. As a result, the powerful nature created the most magical scenery. Picturesque sculptures of headless Buddas tell you about the brutal Khmer Rouge era.

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The former child soldier and founder of the land mine museum, Akira says that the people in Cambodia have finally started to discover their own roots.

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The country’s rapid recovery and development is another eye opening thing. In Siem Reap, there are many resort/boutique hotels and the Luxury International hotels like Aman resorts are attracting many tourists.

Well, astonishingly, our hotel charges $3 for a mixed fruit juice. It won’t be long before it’s $4!