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If you like fashion and secretly confess you are or you used to be a fashion victim, I know what you want for your kids to wear. When it comes to Kids fashion, there are few things to consider. Design, quality and the price. We don’t want them to look boring and want to add a little originality in their style – with our taste, of course! We don’t always want to clam our beloved children with everything from high street shops. We want to inspire them with the clothes with great design as long as our financial advisor says ok to invest on them. It’s a dilemma for most of us that kids grow out of it so quickly that we don’t want to invest a lot of money on kids clothes.

My friend Susie is one of us, who wants to inspire her children with kids clothes with originality and she started her own online shop offering busy parents a world of wardrobe inspiration and gives them the opportunity to buy their kids more stylish and unique pieces whilst keeping everything affordable.