Family kimono party

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Diana threw a Japanesey party to celebrate her niece’s 17th birthday with her whole family in August. It was her idea that she wanted to do something special with her family and kimono & sushi party was perfect for it. So my suitcase was packed with kimono for 2 x toddlers, 8 years-old boy, 6years-old girl, 2 x teenagers, 2 x fully grown men and a range of beautiful women in 30’s to 60’s (I think).

The birthday girl went for the cute green kimono with love hearts design styled with a strawberry cake on her head (of course).  When the two teenage girls were admiring each other, Diana commented, -I wish I could have a kimono birthday party when I was 17.

I think many modern Japanese families don’t even own a summer kimono nowadays. It’s always just kids and it’s such an effort for the parents. I feel a little disappointed that I don’t even have a photo of my whole family in kimono. Actually, I’ve never seen such a big family all in kimono before. It’s absolutely awesome![singlepic id=152 w=320 h=320 float=]

After the kimono session, we moved on to sushi making. Diana was amazed and said this was the first time she ever saw her whole family concentrating so much.[singlepic id=149 w=320 h=240 float=] [singlepic id=151 w=320 h=240 float=]It was such a heart-warming day capturing some great family moments to cherish for a long time. Here’s the lovely letter from Diana.

Thank you so much for the fantastic sushi party. My family and I had a great time and more importantly the birthday girl had the best time ever. It was a truly fantastic experience for all of us . we all agree that the success of the party was entire down to you. they were all a bit  nervous about the whole thing to begin with  (new experience of course) and you made them feel at easy immediately. You managed the group very well. You gave each of us all the attention needed. It is such a lovely experience for families to have . I am definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Diana, Islington