Full moon party

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It’s so hard to keep the Japanese customs and cultural events in the country which sits almost opposite side of the globe. Last night was the day to admire and show appreciation to the moon. Yes, we admired the miss full moon of the year! To start off this cultural event, I explained to my son that moon helped us to know the days and times in old days. We also have a story that a rabbit lives on the moon as you can see the shadow of the rabbit making rice cake. He wanted to know why the rabbit lives there… ok, I’ve never wondered why, because that’s what I was told… so we did the in depth research to find out. To my surprise, this story is based on Buddhism mythology going back to India that the god sent the rabbit to the moon when the rabbit offered himself into the fire to be eaten. It’s the philosophy of gaining your own happiness by giving happiness to others. Well, I’ve never thought story would be that deep… anyway, He was so excited about making some rice cakes.

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We used some rice cake powder with some soya milk to keep the rice cake soft for long. Make the dough the same hardness as the earlobe and make it into small balls, then boil them in the pan till they come up on the surface! We made 3color “dango”… one with green tea, soy sauce and sugar, plain with dried cherry blossoms. Although he loved the idea of eating it outside, we turned the light off and had a serene full moon party under the moon light by the window.