Hyper Japan 1

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I was given a ticket to go and check out what the hyper Japan is all about… I’d heard this is the festival of Japanese culture and the place to gather for like-minded people.

Well, I was curious about these like-minded people. They are the people who like to do costume play (kosu-pure in Japanese). At the holly place of original kosu-pre people in Yoyogi-park, they transform themselves in one of the character from Japanese manga or animation to interact with others. You often get to see them doing chasing and hide & seek in the bright daylight to get maximum attention.

To my surprise, same kind of people doing same things at hyper Japan. It was enjoyable to see people other than Japanese having fun singing in the circle with same spirits. I should also mention that majority of people at the festival were Japanese food lovers and families.

This event was suppose to be the place people can experience little Japan, but I felt sad they failed to express the atmosphere of cool Japan. I felt as if I was in the trade show of Japanese food companies… It would have been more vibrant and festive If they’d put more effort to do the place up with arts & designs, or even some music!

It was great opportunity to see happy people at this event and found out so many people are interested in Japanese culture. The organizer said they had more people than the capacity of Olympia this year.