In the year of the Horse

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Phew, I can’t believe it’s the end of January already! The first blog in 2014 should start with the greetings(as far as I concern). Because I missed  the opportunity to post it around the 1st of January, I thought it’s an another chance to do it on the Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year. If you want to know more up to date news please have a look at my Facebook page So, we celebrate according to the Chinese zodiacs, but we have a new year on 1st of January. I have found some interesting predictions of 2014. – If you have a business involving wood or fire you will do well, according toCanadian Feng Shui expert Paul Ng. Hmmm… We don’t deal with wood or fire.. well, let’s hope for the best. However, I got a positive prediction for year of the rabbit. – Don’t be discouraged and follow your dreams. You can get all the prediction at Independent. Fortune will befall us all! xx