Japanese-themed party food – Bread

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My customers often ask what kind of food they should serve at their kimono makeover party. I thought I could help suggesting something simple, yet japanese. I’ll introduce some finger foods with things you can get from the usual super market.

Teriyaki chicken burger

Ingredients for about 24 mini-burgers

Parasols to secure the burger or picks

300g Chicken thighs-separate them from bones, burger buns (comes in 6?), Ice burg lettuce, mayonnaise

Sauce (1 x table spoon corn flour (mix with 1 x table spoon water), 4 x table spoon Soy sauce, 1 x table spoon mirin (Japanese sweet wine), 1 x table spoon sugar)

This will make enough chicken teriyaki for more than 24 mini burgers. Adjust the taste as you like. For an adult version, I like to put some sliced ginger in the marinade. You can get the soy sauce and mirin from waitrose.

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Make the sauce with mixing all the sauce ingredients apart from the corn flour. marinade chicken thighs in it for 20 mins. Fry in the pan with high heat to make it a little brown then reduce the heat to low and fry another 7mins until chickens are cooked. At the end add the corn flour mixture to make it glossy. Cut the buns into 4, spread the butter if you like, place some iceberg lettuce.  When the chickens are cooked, cut them into the bite size to fit on the buns. Place them on the lettuce then squeeze some mayonnaise then put the bun back on top. Finish with securing them with the parasols to make it more oriental!

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Bread sushi roll

Ingredients for 20 mini roll

5 x medium white bread, butter, 3 x boiled eggs, 1 x table spoon finely chopped red peppers, 1 x tea spoon finely chopped black olives, mayonnaise, cling film

First, make the filling of egg mayo then mix with red peppers and black olives. Cut the crusts of the bread then microwave for 5seconds to make the bread softer to roll. spread the butter and then the filling thinly. Roll the bread gently towards the end. Try not to roll tightly. Place the roll on the cling film and wrap it tightly then twist the sides. Leave the rolls for 5min until they are set.

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Unwrap the rolls and cut in the middle first and then cut in the middle again to make 4 mini rolls. I also used mackerel pate and horse radish sauce. Alternatively, try the cream cheese and jam for the sweet version.

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