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How to organise a Hen Do?

Well, I know how to organise a kimono hen do, but If I was the person to organise it, I want to research and compare the options first. There are so many things to do for a hen do and usually people book 2 to 3 multiple activities for a long day event. I think it is a good idea that it gives flexibility and allows people to choose what they want to do and join when they can. For example, one of the kimono hen party I organised, the kimono party started 5pm then finished 7pm, then moved onto sushi lesson followed by karaoke at the end. If you want to do all of that, you can join all of them, but if you’re not so keen on karaoke or you’re busy, then you just skip the sessions you can’t attend. That way, the organiser doesn’t have to get stressed about pleasing all the hens!

So, what can you do on your friend’s special day? Why not opt for some unique experiences and have a memorable time together? It only happens once!

Go and check out the one-stop website, Organise a Hen, for DIY Hen party planning. You’ll find the helpful tips and activities for foodie hens, the crafty hens, pampered hens, the vintage hens and many more hens!