origami for kids party

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Phew… The origami set my 5years-old boy got from his friend’s birthday party. This was like a 2 days project…

I remember I used to make origami box, shirts, balloon… Origami is a form of Japanese art and it’s so deep if you look at the craftsmanship side. Origami literally means folding papers and you can create any object with a piece of paper. Japanese are well known for making things as small as possible like SONY invented first ever revolutionary portable music device and we love making miniatures. We’re naturally trained all these hand coordination skills since childhood by learning how to use chopsticks and how to make origami crafts in plays. No wonder we’re the nation of crafty people who are talented to work on intricate things.
As you already know training hand coordination skill is good to stimulate your brain and is encouraged to do it especially for the children. You’ll never know if you can make your child super clever by making origami everyday! These dinosaurs are advanced level and needed so many scratching heads…, I was deeply in my origami concentration camp. When I realised, my boy had prepared himself ready for bed and been waiting for me to finish… Oops. The origami club will teach you how to make dinosaurs to cute necklace in animation. Great idea for children’s party. http://www.origami-club.com/index.html