Punchdrunk teamed up with Playstation

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I was one of the lucky person to experience this immersive theater event at waterloo arches. Immersive experience… This is what I’m obsessed at the moment.

This time, it was the playstation game launch promotion. I read the interview of the producer that he wanted to use the Japanese ghost ride method into this event. Ok, partly I was excited, but partly I was a bit scared as I don’t do ghost ride especially the Japanese one. I was one of the resistance with only 3men in the group of 11. We have given a task to do things as a team and were left in the dark with only three dimmed torches. It’s the pitch darkness, smell and sound get you nervous and I had to grab someone’s arm. And then the screams. The screams the 8girls created made us even more terrified. At the end of the scene, I sprinted towards the exit. I don’t remember the last time I run as fast as that… I was glad I was wearing my favourite MUJI riding style wellies going through dirty water. I was drenched with cold sweat and it took while to go back to the normal heart beat!

What an exhilarating experience that was. I loved the space they created with attention to details. Japan is the land of entertainment and loves attention to details, but we don’t get that brilliantly in the Japanese ghost ride.