Summer Party – Boat Party

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Summer Party decoration and food ideas.

Theme : Sailing party, Boat party, Summer party, Explorer party, Sir Francis Drake party

How to make Jelly Boats : Cut the orange in half. Squeeze the juice from the oranges. Carefully scrape out the membrane, not to make a hole in the skin. Make the jelly and fill each of the orange halves. Refrigerate until set and then cut the orange in half again with a wet knife. Cut triangles out of the paper and secure with cocktail sticks to make sails.

How to make melon boat : Cut out the melon in the shape of a boat. Then slice the bottom and slice to make cubes. Cut out the origami paper and secure the two sails with cocktail sticks

How to make origami garlands : Fold the origami in half to make rectangle shape and cut in zig zag lines

Decoration Tips : Clam with sweets and some jewelleries in the boxes to make them look like the treasure boxes. If you don’t have them, you’ll often find them at charity shops or craft shops.

Just serve some sandwiches and whatever your child’s favourite for the main food. Enjoy!