Girl’s Kimono party

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It was in the sunniest and the hottest record-breaking October, I organized a kimono party for the girls of 6 & 5 years-olds. They were enthusiastic about Kimono/Japanese party and I was so excited to see what their reactions to things they see and experience for the first time.

Certainly, I didn’t want them to think I was from the Embassy of Japan to bore them with endless talks. I started to break the ice suggesting them to taste some dried fish and they were so brave to try them. In these modern days when kids eat sushi as a snack, it was too easy for them to tell me I was holding a seaweed but, the moment I revealed this seaweed was actually a shape of every girl’s favourite cat Hello Kitty, I saw sparkles in their eyes!

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Wearing Kimono is a lifetime experience and it’s a unique costume for the girls to feel different and special. You feel totally different from wearing ordinary clothes and they were all overwhelmed by lots of fabric wrapping around their body and sleeves dangling from their arms. When the umbrellas were brought in, all the girls turned into gorgeous kimono princess and had a magical moment.

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To finalise the whole kimono experience, we made some traditional kimono doll with a western twist. I prepared diverse range of hair styles and colours from black to brown, orange, blond and pink using origami to attach on the doll. Interesting to see that authentic black hair is least favourite and blond hair were snatched up very quickly. Simply, they were enjoying creating their pretty kimono dolls with desirable hair style!

We had a totally beautiful day packed with fun and new experience… I asked the girls what was the best part of the day and I was so pleased to hear… “Dressing up!”. I can say proudly that the girls love dressing up in kimono because they love to feel special. I’m so delighted that I can provide that feeling…





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