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A Big Group of Hen Party?

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Hen Party e-invitation_wp (PDF)

Are you stuck with organizing your group?

Hurrah! Finally you have reached T A K A Y O.

We can cater for maximum 32 HENS!

Kimono is versatile and it doesn’t matter what your height and body shape is. Just pick your favorite design from our various 32 kimonos.

Japanese people wear kimono for their important events. I personally, wore it when the day of coming-of-age ceremony, and it was an unforgettable memory.

Wearing kimono with your lovely friends and have a classy party. It’s been popular for a group with bride’s and groom’s mums and they all loved it too!

We hope our kimono party would be a lovely memory not only for the bride but also the rest of you all.

Planning a secret surprise, thinking ideas of your party activities…we are happy to hear your requests!

We devote all our hospitalities to you.

Find out more about our kimono party on our hen party page.

If you want to know more about it, please get in touch.